Ideas for .supaDev

Ideas for .supaDev

Posted on 05Aug

Ideas for .supaDev

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So, it starts.

Now I am happy with the way .supaDevs’ site is coming into action, I cant help but to let my mind wander. Thinking about the endless possibilities there is in the creation of a personal site.

Unlike making a site for a client, that already has his spreadsheet, and a destination in mind; I don’t have a destination…which might be a bad thing. Upon starting the development of .supaDev, I had in mind that I was going to use it as an “all in one” deal for me to keep a log of my hobbies. I can see it growing larger 🙂

So as of right now I am going to try to get my git repo to connect the .supaDev. Maybe keep a realtime feed of my commits, and maybe pulls. Not quite sure as to how to go about this, but I am sure it can be done.

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