GitHub, A novice approach

Tarot Buddy
GitHub, A novice approach

Posted on 11Aug

I love to write code, Even though I have never made any money at it. The projects I hold near and dear go into my repository, where there it will stay, sitting patently for the next spout of motivation.

Then again, I can always update my repo, For example; I recently cloned my TarotBuddy repo to my freshly bought pc. There was Tarot Buddy, alive and well, willing to be brought to life again. It is always good to Bottle up your ideas for later. Here with Tarot Buddy, I am picking up where I left

I was recently working on Tarot Buddy (Right after wrapping it with a .exe) and  noticed my default classpaths were all messed up and weren’t reading the correct modules. So all I did was deleted the whole project off my local, and cloned my GitHub repo, BAM, just like you are saved


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