Tarot Buddy Progress

Tarot Buddy Progress

Posted on 12Aug

Tarot to OpenGL

Most of today went towards getting the bugs worked out on Tarot Buddy. I had a hell of a time with the .classpaths for some reason. Again I say it “Thank you GitHub”. I feel like I have more options using the lwjgl library. The javaFx library was easy to use, but their whole animation thing, with the timelines, key-frames and stuff just didn’t do the trick for me.

What did I get Accomplished on today’s push?

Well I’m glad you asked…
  • I added all the elements of each card into one Card.class, with the same index in each of the elements array. I have (as of now) 4 different arrays for each card : Card Number / Card Meaning / Card Title / Card Image,  All getting their info from a Spread.class.
  • Got rid of all the unnecessary files from TB1 that i’m not going to be using. I haven’t check the compiled size of TB2 to it yet. TB1 is 65.4MB compiled. Most of which is coming from the .png sprites.
  • Running directly off of TB2 module now, no longer dependent on any existing resources.

Check it out…

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