Is personal interaction the key?

Is personal interaction the key?

Posted on 13Aug

What had happen was…

I figured streaming my boring RimWorld adventures were getting old. I would stream some of the development of Tarot Buddy. On my first stream I had one guy who was interested in coding, joining in. I will embed the video somewhere.

Reaching the 30 minute point of my stream I had noticed I had reached a twitch milestone….10 viewers. I never had 1o viewers watching me do anything, much less code…hmm. This has got me thinking…I am going to start live coding.

Live coding?!?

Watch Coding Tarot Buddy (Java) from Supafoo on


Well, many people play FortNite, Minecraft, and WoW. I have streamed a few games, and only got 2 or 3 views…

When I started streaming my live code to Twitch, I got more, 400% more views than ever before. Like I had said, Im not sure where .supaDev is going, I am just coaxing the reins. I streamed for 2 to 2.5 hrs today and got a few engagements. I have never had anyone talk to me live on a stream.


I think I am going to stream my development stages on Twitch. I haven’t checked any of the available names yet, this is still brainstorming.

  • Check for available namespace
  • Start a schedule for streaming

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