Is personal interaction the key?


Is personal interaction the key?

Posted on 13Aug

What had happen was…

I figured streaming my boring RimWorld adventures were getting old. I would stream some of the development of Tarot Buddy. On my first stream I had one guy who was interested in coding, joining in. I will embed the video somewhere.

Reaching the 30 minute point of my stream I had noticed I had reached a twitch milestone….10 viewers. I never had 1o viewers watching me do anything, much less code…hmm. This has got me thinking…I am going to start live coding.

Live coding?!?

Watch Coding Tarot Buddy (Java) from Supafoo on


Well, many people play FortNite, Minecraft, and WoW. I have streamed a few games, and only got 2 or 3 views…

When I started streaming my live code to Twitch, I got more, 400% more views than ever before. Like I had said, Im not sure where .supaDev is going, I am just coaxing the reins. I streamed for 2 to 2.5 hrs today and got a few engagements. I have never had anyone talk to me live on a stream.


I think I am going to stream my development stages on Twitch. I haven’t checked any of the available names yet, this is still brainstorming.

  • Check for available namespace
  • Start a schedule for streaming

Tarot Buddy Progress

Posted on 12Aug

Tarot to OpenGL

Most of today went towards getting the bugs worked out on Tarot Buddy. I had a hell of a time with the .classpaths for some reason. Again I say it “Thank you GitHub”. I feel like I have more options using the lwjgl library. The javaFx library was easy to use, but their whole animation thing, with the timelines, key-frames and stuff just didn’t do the trick for me.

What did I get Accomplished on today’s push?

Well I’m glad you asked…
  • I added all the elements of each card into one Card.class, with the same index in each of the elements array. I have (as of now) 4 different arrays for each card : Card Number / Card Meaning / Card Title / Card Image,  All getting their info from a Spread.class.
  • Got rid of all the unnecessary files from TB1 that i’m not going to be using. I haven’t check the compiled size of TB2 to it yet. TB1 is 65.4MB compiled. Most of which is coming from the .png sprites.
  • Running directly off of TB2 module now, no longer dependent on any existing resources.

Check it out…

Tarot Buddy
GitHub, A novice approach

Posted on 11Aug

I love to write code, Even though I have never made any money at it. The projects I hold near and dear go into my repository, where there it will stay, sitting patently for the next spout of motivation.

Then again, I can always update my repo, For example; I recently cloned my TarotBuddy repo to my freshly bought pc. There was Tarot Buddy, alive and well, willing to be brought to life again. It is always good to Bottle up your ideas for later. Here with Tarot Buddy, I am picking up where I left

I was recently working on Tarot Buddy (Right after wrapping it with a .exe) and  noticed my default classpaths were all messed up and weren’t reading the correct modules. So all I did was deleted the whole project off my local, and cloned my GitHub repo, BAM, just like you are saved


Weekly Dev Blogs

Posted on 10Aug

Only gonna start making weekly Dev-Blogs, at least one, possibly more. Due to slow development. I am working everyday on .supaDev, but can’t work for long hours at a time due to RL.

TO DO List:
  1. Get the site map nice a and organized. I am focusing on having a landing page for all my “Interests”.
  2. Get all the Lorem Ipsum off of the page…lol
  3. Add a direct “Like” link to all .supaDev Social media
  4. Implement a few different API’s. (Steam, Twitch…)
  5. Create an “About” page
  6. Make a possible “Membership” branch

I been doing a lot of Back-end things the past couple of days. I have been trying to get Woo Commerce set up to be able to download Tarot Buddy, free of course. I am mainly just wanting to track the downloads.

Development setbacks

Posted on 05Aug

When you try to focus on an Indie project, do you ever get side tracked?

I find that when I try to focus in a a project, and get a working model, I get sidetracked in all the possibilities our libs hold for us. Between finding new methods to call (and of course make the app that much cooler) to playing around with the Random generator, and an Array. This seem to happen a lot to me.


Going in blind-sided

I am the type who gets side tracked very easily. I’ll be on a mission one minute, then the next..what was I saying?  This is caused by not having an end point in sight. I’ll start in on a project all Gung-Ho, only to find myself drifting ever further away from what was initially planned. If you go into a zoo, and say “Ill pick my favorite animal as I go”, Every time you see a new animal, you will have a new favorite. If you are already aware of the animals in the zoo, then you wont be surprised, hence you can focus better.

Tiled Map Game
My first Tiled Map game

Using Githib is a perfect place to start. You can “Save” your code on their site, pretty cool huh. BUT not only can you save your code, you can also go back in time, and fix any mess ups you have managed to put into your code before you pushed last. If you happen to get your giant neodymium magnet to close to ‘Ol Nessy, you will lose everything you ever held dear…‘Ol nessy being your computer of course. I have changed computers a few times in my tech life, but the whole time I have been able to get all my projects back through Github.  There are a few I didn’t upload…One of which I only have a SS to remind me….RIP my little creation.

Maybe some little trial and errors posts that I have come across with my game development exp. Stay Tuned….

Ideas for .supaDev

Posted on 05Aug

So, it starts.

Now I am happy with the way .supaDevs’ site is coming into action, I cant help but to let my mind wander. Thinking about the endless possibilities there is in the creation of a personal site.

Unlike making a site for a client, that already has his spreadsheet, and a destination in mind; I don’t have a destination…which might be a bad thing. Upon starting the development of .supaDev, I had in mind that I was going to use it as an “all in one” deal for me to keep a log of my hobbies. I can see it growing larger 🙂

So as of right now I am going to try to get my git repo to connect the .supaDev. Maybe keep a realtime feed of my commits, and maybe pulls. Not quite sure as to how to go about this, but I am sure it can be done.

Day 2 of TheSupaDev

Posted on 04Aug

Got a lot done Yay!

I had to delete my old posts to get this data_sample to take 
  • I managed to get the SSL taken care of, It has to be updated every 3 months, but that is no biggie.
  • I got the basic layout that  will be using ready, just have to add content now.
  • We got branded, lol
  • I have all of my posts getting categorized.

I’m still not finished for the evening, just blogging a update while I think.

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